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Deep in business life and networks.  Wide range of experience in business management. Running own businesses in different sectors during past 20+ years. Taking care of business management, leading international companies and getting familiar with business life in different countries. At the moment also taking care of the management of Finnish Chamber of Commerce in Latvia, and doing business development for Pinus Group.

Therefore if you have a need for…

  • Branding For Small Business

    Brand is not a logo or social media page. Products are made in factory, brands created in the minds. If you have small business or start-up business then this is essential issue for you.

  • Business Development

    It´s important to be up to date, to be liked and shared, be among your audience on different channels. If your business feels to be stuck and nex ideas needed. Let´s sit down together and set up a small brainstorm. That´s the first step.

  • Personal Branding

    In business world the person is a product itself. Who you are, what you can do.

  • Design

    Photographing, Photo illustration & editing. Interior design, architectural lighting, footwear business…

Floriance SIA

  • Kimmo Korpilahti
    LV: +371 28695614
    Skype: kimmo.korpilahti
    Instagram: Kfloriance

  • We are regularly in touch with business in Latvia, Estonia, Finland and Italy.
    If you are searching for large scale branding, we have a close contact to leading international brand activation agency.


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