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Deep in business life and networks.  Wide range of experience in business management. Running own businesses in different sectors during past 20+ years. Taking care of business management, leading international companies and getting familiar with business life in different countries. Over seven years I was taking care of the management of Finnish Chamber of Commerce in Latvia.

Therefore if you have a need for…

  • Branding For Small Business

    Brand is not a logo or social media page. Products are made in factory, brands created in the minds. If you have small business or start-up business then this is essential issue for you.

  • Business Development

    It´s important to be up to date, to be liked and shared, be among your audience on different channels. If your business feels to be stuck and nex ideas needed. Let´s sit down together and set up a small brainstorm. That´s the first step.

  • Personal Branding

    In business world the person is a product itself. Who you are, what you can do. What can make you to stand out of the rest.

  • Design

    Photographing, Photo and graphic design & editing. Interior design, outdoor lighting, footwear business…

Floriance SIA

  • Kimmo Korpilahti
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  • We are regularly in touch with business in Latvia, Estonia, Finland and Italy.
    If you are searching for large scale branding, we have a close contact to leading international brand activation agency.


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