DETAS LED lights for food stores.
We present the latest LED product range generation dedicated to the lighting of the foods. As we all knwo the view is the first sense at the time of purchase even the one who judges the quality of a product. It is therefore crucial to emphasize the colors and appearance to stimulate the sale.
Why choose “Food LED Lighting”:
• High color rendering
• Significant energy savings
• Very low emission of UV and IR rays
• Dedicated color temperature
• On / Off instantaneous
• No maintenance
• Duration> 50,000 hours
• Constant light quality over time
LED technology ensures vibrant, saturated, brilliant colors, even after years of performance with performance comparable to the new one.
In compliance with EN 62471 our standards lamps have irresistible of UV rays and IR. It is well known that UV and IR rays favor early quality deterioration.

Highlights the freshness, colors, and appearance of foods is crucial to getting both a more engaging sale and to boost the customer’s purchase.
LEDs dedicated to the FOOD category are the best answer to illuminate food desks with specific and effective solutions for meat, fish, fruit and pastry products.
Bright, vibrant and brilliant colors are guaranteed by LEDs that combine high color chromatic renders. Performance, coupled with high performance reflectors, improves energy efficiency and drastically reduces fuel consumption.



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