IDEALLUX Bingo System
Illuminating shops is one of the strong area of Ideallux. Bingo system is a versatile lighting system giving possibilities for many variations, for many sized and shaped rooms. Suspension and ceiling mounting.
Bent sheet steel body RAL 9016 white painted with cables compartment. Microprismatic Polycarbonate diffuser (opal on request).
Passing power line 7×1,5 mm2 with quick connectors and phase selection.
Built-in power supply (CAE) DIMMABLE 1-10V or DALI. Light source LED. Direct light emission. Suspension fixing system.
From 24W up to 128W. Up to 1800 lumens. 1,5m to 3m length.

On request
– Emergency kit 1 hour/3 hours where size allows.
– LED color temperature K different from specified one.
– CRI > 90.
– Color Silver 05

Kimmo Korpilahti
Business Designer
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Matti Suonvieri
Sales Director
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