Ideallux Loft is kind of traditional but including the latest technology. Good for restaurants, cafes, shops, homes, public spaces, lobbys.

Spun aluminium body coated with epoxy powders after phosphating.
Extruded aluminium heat sink. Built-in Electronic driver CAE.
On request: DM (dimmable 1-10V) and DL (dimmable DALI).
Polished anodised aluminium wide-beam optic.
Pendant installation.
White or Silver colors
LED light source. Direct light emission.

On request
– Emergency kit 1 hour/3 hours where size allows.
– LED color temperature K different from specified one.
– CRi Ra > 90.

Kimmo Korpilahti
Business Designer
LV: +371 28695614
Skype: kimmo.korpilahti

Matti Suonvieri
Sales Director
LV: +371 29722644
FIN: 0400 139 490