We are collaborating direct with manufacturers. It is short, fast, direct and flexible way to communicate and react for both directions. We have carefully checked with who to cooperate to ensure the quality, transparency and common understanding of our clientele’s need.

  • Detas DLEDS. Italian company, operating also in USA and Croatia. See the company video: Read more.
  • Ivela. Italian design lights for interior and outdoor use. Not industrial products. Read more.

Feel free to contact us any time to get more information about our product range, because here we are presenting only some part of key products. We are also open for ideas and proposals. Some of our partners are ready to develope products with us to match YOUR requirements and needs for illumination.

Kimmo Korpilahti
Business Development
LV: +371 28695614
Skype: kimmo.korpilahti

Matti Suonvieri
Sales Director
LV: +371 29722644
FIN: 0400 139 490