Major advantages of street lighting include prevention of accidents and increase in safety.

Design can be an essential part of steet lighting too. If you need something different than timeless slightly boring design, we have excellent products for you.
Street lights can also be a part of city or village image besides safety point of view. New technology offers low energy consumption, light controlling, different colour temperatures but also gives amazing possibilities to design something different. With high quality uncompromising optics it gives a lot of variations to use luminaries to illuminate streets with style.

We have two categories in street lighting – ADVANCED and DESIGN

Here is presented the Design category. Welcome!

Italian company Ideallux is involved in design products with very high technical performance. There are several upcoming products for street lighting sector. Keep in touch!

Ideallux Lapen
New upcoming product

Ideallux ELLP
New upcoming product

Ideallux Box
New upcoming product

Ideallux Zodiac
New upcoming product

Ideallux Maled
new upcoming product

More information about Ideallux outdoor lights available by e-mail.

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