There are many ways to choose a partner to deal with, many reasons or many excuses. Think about it! What we can offer you…
• Direct cooperation with European manufacturers
• Product development together with manufacturers
• Possibility to create tailored product according to your needs
• We can find the best value for your investment, and we can help you to avoid hided cost in “turn key” deals. You don´t need to pay high level product price for entry level DIY products
• Our products are with real actual techincal performance, not only theoretical nice looking values
• Wide European certifications. Most of products are also certified of photobiological risk
• Own design and product development. Our partners use to invent themselves their new ideas
• Responsible manufacturers
• Design and technology
• Transparent business
• Corporate social responsibility, as well as environmental values are important for us
• We use to find a solution

Lighting products

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Kimmo Korpilahti
Business Designer
LV: +371 28695614
Skype: kimmo.korpilahti

Matti Suonvieri
Sales Director
LV: +371 29722644
FIN: 0400 139 490