Together with our Italian partner Detas SpA we can offer you the state of the most advanced technique in this industry. Nearly all of our products are certified with the highest class of the European standard EN12352, which is a guarantee of quality, reliability and safety.

Road LED Lights

- LED warning lights
- LED traffic lights

Road-work Products

- Warning lights
- Temporary traffic lights
- Light trailers
- LED sequencial light systems
- Accessories and batteries

Road Safety Devices

- Traffic counters
- Speed displays
- LED backlight signs
- Road markers
- Pedestrian safety solutions
- Power supply kits

For Priority Vehicles

- LED torches
- LED lightbars
- Rotators and strobes
- Vehicle warning lights
- Searchlights

Kimmo Korpilahti
Head of Design and Sales
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Matti Suonvieri
Sales Director
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