Sports Marketing

Sports marketing and sponsorship

Athletica Gorpila is the brand of Floriance. Focused on peak performance in sports marketing, and sponsorship as a marketing instrument.
Unlock your true potential with Peak Performance Consulting. Guiding individuals and organizations towards peak performance, helping you reach new heights of success. Discover tailored mindset shifts, and actionable solutions to overcome obstacles, optimize productivity, and achieve your goals.
Years of experience in networking and business development. Creating connections and being involved in sports. We are constantly developing our collaboration networks and inventing new ideas.

Athletica Gorpila is also about the Fitness Lifestyle. How to gain new ideas and directions to change your lifestyle. Certified Fitness advisor and sports nutritionist can give you golden tips how to starts a new healthy and active lifestyle. Especially if you are around middle-age and want to get some ideas taking into account possible limitations in time or physical condition. Down to earth ideas without special tricks or trend diets.


Client prospecting and sales lead services in Finnish language.
We are currently working with several Finnish clients to gain them more customers. Cold calling, VOIP calls, marketing, booking appointments, customer surveys etc. Occasionally in various business sectors. Client prospecting and evaluating is also in our service portfolio. 

We also help companies localize to the Finnish market and Finnish companies to the Latvian market. Business with Italian companies is also familiar to us.

Kimmo is a member of the Governing Council of the Northern European Business Association (NEBA). 
Kimmo has a Professional Diploma in Sports Marketing and Sponsorship from FC Barcelona´s Barca Innovation Hub - Universitas.

Mr Kimmo Korpilahti
LV: +371 28695614
Skype: kimmo.korpilahti